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Welcome to a world of Dragons!


Dragons are legendary mythical creatures that have been around longer than written history. We have appeared across many cultures and taken on many different forms depending on which part of the world the myths are born. While many races tend to think us immortal, we are not, though we don't tend to discourage that lie. We are beautiful intelligent creatures that have been known to either protect or destroy humankind depending on our nature. Now is our time to reign supreme in the world.

Welcome to Flight of Dragons. It is a place where it pays to not only be strong of body, but strong of mind as well. From the vast hot deserts to icy cold caves in the mountains is where we shall become the superior species. This online game is a mmorpg that is designed for adults aged 18 or more. We have a friendly and extensive community, which can be accessed through game forums, the community chat room, profile pages or in game mails.

The biggest and hard question you will face is, what race of Dragon will you want to be? There are many choices from the mighty red with his breath of fire or maybe the cunning silver with her breath of ice? Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages, but all strive to be the strongest and hold the largest treasure hoard of gold and jewels. Make your way to the top of the Dragon ranks by training. Test out your stats by challenging others to a fight. Maybe even one day join the council of Wyrms. It is a place that holds only the oldest, wisest and strongest dragons who decide the course of all dragon kind.

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Just a little about dragons.

Good or evil?

That's the first decision when picking your dragon. Each have their own list of advantages and disadvantages that you should read over carefully.

Dragon types

There are eight different types of dragon to chose from. From dragons that breath fire to dragons that breath lightning or even ice, all dragons take less damage from a dragon with the same breath type.

dragon image

[type] Dragon

Breath weapons

All dragons are born with natural weapons. A bite/claw attack and a breath weapon. The type of breath is determined by your dragon type. The strength of these attacks is based on your training. You are limited in how many times you can use your breath weapon per battle. Of course this goes up as you level.

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